Woah! what a husband

It ain’t easy being a husband. Well, I wish that was the case, maybe it isn’t in some places, but for Teddy, the young male, in Australia, with excellent friends, parents and above all else Wife, it’s pretty easy. My first opinion on the matter of being a husband came to me in our first year of marriage when Cajsa made it pretty clear that sitting inside playing DOTA 2 on our only day off together wasn’t exactly the ‘checkmate’ of moves. More like the ‘en passant’ that leaves your opponent saying ‘what the Fuck’ and asking around if that is even allowed. Not exactly real adversity.

Now the biggest issue on my mind is of course safety. Entering a part of the world that makes the outer suburbs of Darwin at the top end of Australia look like Disney Land, tends to inspire a different way of thinking. Talking my way out of problems might not cut it when you’ve only learnt 220 words from DuoLingo, although I’m still open to telling any assailant that my brother won’t eat fish but will eat chicken (Jokes on them, I don’t have a brother).

Hopefully any fears of personal safety are pure paranoia brought upon by every single person we know telling us that we need to be extra careful. Regardless, the scope of our responsibilities has shifted from what we are cooking for dinner and whether we are getting the most from our boxercise membership to whether or not that shortcut is a one way deal.