Mendoza is truly one of our favourite places in Argentina. Not only is it incredibly cheap (Despite everything we had been told) with hostels from $5 Aud but it also has a vibrant colourful and friendly feel to it. Of course the wineries that surround the city have something to do it with its charm and also make it a great pace to try the Malbec that it is famous for, but there is plenty to do outside of getting to the bottom of your wine glass, or during ;).

The giant parque offers great picnic, strolling or bike riding conditions with the options of taking the challenge to find your way to the top of the Cerro de La Gloria lookout point. Challenging mainly just when it comes to finding the entry point. 


The many restaurants, cafes and bars around the city make for great meal after great meal and give you the chance to try Argentinas famous barbecues (Parrilas) and of course steak. 


Mendoza is a must visit!