Vineyards in Mendoza!

Our first day in Mendoza we spent biking around the vineyards and what a beautiful day we had!

Instead of going with a tour we decided to do it on our own (we defiantly recommend this!). We caught a local bus from the city centre and after about an hour we got of in Maipu. The bus drops you right outside a bike rental place where you (surprise surprise) rent your bikes for the day. You also get a map with prices and recommendations.


We started with the 3 vineyards furthest away, Tempus Alba being the first one. Here we had a beautiful lunch, the steak is a must and we had our first tasting. We then moved on to the smaller vineyard of the 3 (I can’t remember the name) and guessed it, wine! We then had a snack break at Mevi vineyard with cheese & salami platters. The tasters at the vineyards are more like wine glasses. So after 3 of them we were all pretty light headed, which made biking a bit more difficult.

Tempus Alba

IMG_0525 2



We biked towards our last stop, Domiciano vineyard. This is the more expensive one but its totally worth it. The wine here is amazing. The Malbec & Cabernet Sauvignon is a must try.

You will need about 4-5 hours if you want to fit in a lunch and about 4 vineyards. The more time you have the better. The vineyards close at 5 pm and between 5-6 the bike rental place has happy hour. They serve free wine thats pretty terrible but hey, its free!

We shared a bottle of wine on the bus on the way home (and missed our stop) which helped us keep going until about 1 am.

We had such a good day!!