Contrast in the Caribbean

The sun in Carribean Latin America does something unique to the landscape. In Australia, for example, sunny days will highlight the harshness of the land. Deserts appear more deadly, countryside becomes rougher and cities become unbearable. On the carribean coast something else entirely comes out of the sunshine. Beauty is exentuated. The bark of pine trees contrasts against the green of the leaves, leaving an impression that brown is a beautiful colour. Water sparkles blue but not as bright blue as the sky which appears softer and and goes on further than any sky I’ve seen. The green of palms become highly saturated, making photo’s appear edited. While above, the clouds are both softer and more grandiose at the same time. Almost like they’ve been oil painted into the sky, along with the rest of the horizon.

Of course the green life of the region comes with another contrast, tropical storms. When it rains here it really rains. Sometimes in bursts that force people under any cover they can find, sometimes for long periods that leave streets empty and lifeless. The rising humidity of the day is a surprisingly easy predictor of the next storm. When they come the meaning of the word wetland is made clearer than any google search can offer. Roads become ponds, slopes becomes rivers and colour is momentarily stripped from the world. Attention dashes between where you place your foot and the strikes of lightning that now fill the sky. At these moments you wonder where the vibrancy of the world you were just in has gone.

All in all this is one of the most naturally vibrant and colourful places we have seen in our lives. Here’s a short video in black and white.