San Pedro, Chile

Viva La Chile!

Having a Chilean best friend had us excited enough to come to this beautiful country but what we didn’t expect was for it to go above our expectations. Maybe it’s the 27 degree heat, the cold beer, the amazing food or the beautiful people that live here?

San Pedro is a small place with lots of things on offer. Picture sandy streets and buildings that straddle the line between old western and modern. The town is relaxed and it has a waterhole on every corner. Don’t miss out on the small hut looking restaurants that will serve you fresh empanadas, completos, ceviche or a huge churrasco for next to nothing!

A few of the things you shouldn’t miss while you are here is the Moon valley & the sunset that comes with it (You can book a tour or rent a bike and make your own way there), or go to the hot spring Puritama. On offer you also have star gazing with a beverage, (we didn’t do this here as we will do it in La Serena, but I’ve only heard good things). There is also plenty of lagoons & flamingos to see if you haven’t already!

And don’t forget to drink lots of Pisco!!

Walking through caves made out of salt
Moon Valley
Sunset views


Bad picture of the beautiful hot hotsprings!
IMG_2253 2
Team Brasil!
Bikes the easiest and the best way to travel around San Pedro
The Pisco Team!

You can get to San Pedro from both Bolivia and Peru, the easiest way is to hop over after the salt flats. If you get the chance, you have to come here, I loved this relaxed, laid back & cool place 🙂