Copacabana, Bolivia

This post explains how NOT to spend your first day in Bolivia.


Well we made it to Copacabana & Lake Titicaca. Which of course called for a celebratory walk\climb (seriously, be prepared to use all your limbs to climb to the top) up a mountain to get the best views of the town. The views were a hit, all the rubbish not so much. The mountain ascent and descent then called for some victory drinks, which turned into 10 cocktails. Like 2 drunk tourist we then ran back to our hostel to escape the cold. Only to fall asleep for 3 hours which was just enough time to make sure every restaurant and shop in Copacabana was closed. Be smart, don’t do this.

We couldn’t sleep the entire night due to hunger and hangover. But here are some photos of the view from the mountain top and our hobbit house we’ve spent the last 2 nights in!





I also would like to shout out to hostel Joshua that we stayed in. A cosy place with AMAZING vegetarian & vegan food. Great service, clean and well priced ( $15 AUS pp, in a private room and with breakfast included!)

The Hobbit house

Peru to Bolivia

We left Huacachina on an Econociva bus that we paid 80 soles for.

Preparing for the worst, as we know how bad they can be, they still managed to surprise us by being 2 hours late. This would be ok if we didn’t spend an afternoon on a Pisco tour which only added to our confusion at the bus station.

The ride itself was 13.5 hours of pure joy (not really), we slept and binged watched Netflix. Finally in Arequipa (again) we bought our ticket to Puno and had 2 hours to kill so we went for açai bowls in the city centre.

We got our ticket for 15 soles at the station. Online & in tourist shops they sell them for 120 soles, talk about a bargain.

Bus number 2, a day time bus of 6 hours, piece of cake we thought. Not so much. Being awake is so much worse and the amount of times you need to visit the half dingy toilet is gross. But yet again we made it. We stayed the night in Puno but decided to skip any tours as we will be doing them on the Bolivian side. We managed to get another 15 soles bus ticket over the border to Bolivia (purchased at the station). The border was quick and easy. Thanks to our Swedish and Australian passports we didn’t needed to pay a thing and we also didn’t need a visa. A small tip is to bring a copy of your passport.

This now means we have left Peru and arrived in Bolivia!



We are also back on high altitude. You would think we would be used to it by now. Let’s just say that we are not.


Huacachina, Ica Peru

Teddy was devastated when he missed the La Guajira desert on Colombia’s north coast. So of course when we heard about Huacachina in Peru, heading there was a no brainer. Huacachina sits 3 hours south of Lima and about 15 minutes from the desert city if Ica. Its easily one of the coolest places we have been. Nestled between some of the worlds biggest sand dunes (the biggest being in neighbouring city Nazca) Huacachina is a desert oasis like no other.



Spend the day paddling a boat on the lake, soaking up sunshine on sand dunes or walking up the behemoths to sand board and ski back down again. Everything about huachina is great, our hostel was the Desert Nights Hostel, which had the feel of a Saudi Arabian desert palace.

We spent our first day tanning in the desert sun. Drinking on our rooftop bar and eating delicious desert food. We wanted to ride the buggies across the desert sands for the sunset, unfortunately that week an accident occurred and all motorsports in the area were shut down. ATV tours were still operating in the desert next door but we wouldn’t recommend. It was less ‘tour’ and more ‘drive around in a circle for 40 minutes’.


Day 2 had us on a wine and Pisco bodega tour. we definitely recommend, the bodega street is like something out of an old western and you get great value for money. We felt the Pisco three shots in and they just kept coming our way. If you like your Pisco strong and wine super sweet, then Ica is the place for you.



That evening we hiked up the biggest dune we could find for the sunset, finished a bottle of Lucuma Pisco and a few beers at the top and boarded down in terrible fashion.



If you like sand between your toes (and everywhere else you can think off) you will love this little place.





ATV Tour: 60 Soles p/p (Price possibility raised due to lack of buggies)
Pisco Tour: 25 Soles p/p
Board rental: 5-8 Soles per board (We did meet someone selling for 35)
Hostel: 25 Soles p/p

Arequipa, Peru

I know, I know, it’s been a while. Sometimes that happens when you spend the majority of your time on busses.

So what’s been happening (Other than the copies amounts of music and Netflix we have gone through on our bus trips)?

We left Puerto Maldonado for Arequipa on the 7th of August, thinking we had an 8 hour bus ahead. It wasn’t, the bus was 15.5 hours long and very uncomfortable. But we made it, as always. We got off the bus to sunshine and 25 degrees, do I need to tell you this made us very happy. No, no we Don’t. Naturally this required a rooftop hostel, we chose World Backpackers.

Arequipa is the Medellin Peru, except the snow stays on mountain tops here, not little bags. What we mean is that it is the city of eternal spring in Peru. Weather is amazing for 11 months of the year. The Spanish influence on the architecture is also the strongest in Peru. We recommend staying here for at least 2 nights.

View from the hostel roof

We celebrated my birthday (9th-11th) in a Airbnb that Teddy had organised. A beautiful apartment overlooking the city. We ate, drank, danced, played cards and ended our Friday in one of the many nightclubs around Plaza del Armas. Although I have never felt so out of place before, blond hair get’s you more attention in Peruvian clubs than we expected. So much so that we ended up in the VIP section within our first 10 minutes.


We left Arequipa relaxed and ready for new adventures (yet another 13 hour bus, however we paid the extra and went with Cruz Del Sur, and what a difference) in Huacachina.

World Backpackers Hostel: $28 Soles each. A very nice place!

Bus Prices:- 

Puerto Maldonado to Arequipa = 70 Soles (Book your ticket at the station, much better value)

Arequipa to Ica = 120 Soles with Cruz Del Sur (You can find cheaper but for this bus trip we thought it was worth it).










The Amazonas


A wide river, caiman, macaws, monkeys, spiders, giant rodents, giant otters & a bunch of native plants is all it takes to enjoy a couple of days in the Amazon. Puerto Maldonado was our access point, 300 soles per person was our price, 2 days 1 night was our stay, Carlos expeditions was our tour company and Daniel was our guide.

When getting a guide always be sure to ask if their grandfather left them with a native family in the rainforest for 3 years when they were 8. Daniel had the fortune of such an event and as a result was an expert on all the forest plants. And to think I complain about tinned tomato’s in the supermarket that don’t come with openers.

Image result for tinned tomatoes
seriously though…
What is this?

Fun fact: the 20% of plants that you can use will either make you hallucinate, heal you or act as viagra. 

We heard the Amazon was incredibly dense and despite their abundance, hard to actually spot animals in. Maybe it was our small group of 3, early mornings or expert guide but we saw pretty much everything except for the Jaguar. 




Capuchin Monkey


There was also the worlds biggest, and possibly slowest rodent the Capybara. We saw the Capybara at night time and couldn’t take any photos, but here is a picture I drew just for you. In real life they look a little bit more lifelike.

To scale for your convenience

The Capybara was actually the highlight of the animals, the size (As seen in our size comparison) makes them look like something that somehow survived the Jurassic period. 

Lake Sandoval Has the famed and allusive giant otters which are very hard to to see due to them being elusive. We got a good glance from a distance though.

We also learnt that in the rainforest, the real kings of the land are the wild pigs, the otters are the kings of the water, humans in kayaks are neither.




IMG_2614 2
Don’t forget your 4 layers of clothes to escape the mosquitos




Puerto Maldonado needs you!

That’s right. Puerto Maldonado is calling your names. This town is one of the amazon access points of Peru, commonly being challenged by Iquitos. Despite Iquitos’ distance, location and cost it still somehow manages to come off on top, like Ken on Street Fighter. Most internet searches will also lead you there rather than the river town of Puerto Maldonado.


Perhaps that’s why P Maldonado has the feel of a town that was a busy tourist hub 5 years ago but has since suffered the wrath of too many Tripadvisor comparisons. The town isn’t big but  that doesn’t stop it from having 1 nightclub for every 4 travellers and at least 44 travellers which means there must be at least 11 nightclubs. Seriously we walked past more nightclubs than King Street in Melbourne. All huge, all cool and all empty. As big lovers of nightclubs this disheartens us.

Fill this baby up

Anyway, until word catches on we recommend staying 1 night. We chose the Tambopata Hostel which has rooms from 30 PEN a night. We got a free upgrade to the private 3 bed room.

We caught an average bus from Cusco for 45 Soles each, coulda splurged another 15 and got a much nicer one though.


We booked a 2 day Amazon tour for 300 Soles per person. This included lodging, meals, birds, caimans and giant Otters. Also lots of spiders. Ciao



Montaña De Colores, aka Rainbow Mountain

One foot in front of the other. That’s how you get anywhere in life, although slowly. There really should be a faster way to make it through life. Maybe if we had some sort of wheeled shoe system that it was socially acceptable for adults to wear. Or if we beat the system by tying our feet together and jumping everywhere. That wouldn’t really work though. What about segways! feet off the ground completely, that would do it. But why is everyone so obsessed with feet. Maybe we can stop looking at our feet and view our surroundings. Then it would be one beautiful location after another, one interaction after another, one moment after another.

Anyway at high altitude the one foot technique is just fine thank you very much, it’s also the technique we used to get to the top (5107 m) of the montaña de colores, also named rainbow mountain.

We don’t know how people get those perfect Instagram photos. If you come here expect to share it with others.


We did remember to check the views as well. Here are some more photos.


You don’t have to share the sparkling wine though


The view from the other side that no one talks about


We payed 60 PEN each for transport, which forgot us for 3 hours. Because  of this we had our own private driver.
Breakfast bread and jam was included, as was a very good, very satisfying buffet lunch.