XXXX Death Road XXXX

We’ve forgotten to tell you about the death road in La Paz!


When you travel for a while you start to feel like you don’t actually encounter any real danger. Places that could be scary (The Amazon) are safeguarded enough to make it a clean in and out operation. Death Road in La Paz Bolivia is not one of those places.


Starting at 4,700 m and finishing 1000 metres, a change of clothes and two blisters on our palms later, the road is no joke. The scenery is incredible (If you’re brave enough to look) as you go from high winter in the andes to high summer in the amazon rainforest. Cliff walls loom directly overhead and drop fresh Andean water onto you as you ride under. Taking one hand off your bike for even a second can result in a loss of balance brought on by one of the many billion offsetting rocks on the road.

The road is still used by cars, not many & mainly the people that live in the area. If you’re driving a car here you almost have a death wish, actually riding a bike here is just as stupid but so worth it! Since 1994 the deaths have gone down from 200-300 people a year to about 2 people a year. A few of these deaths are tourist biking over the edge so be careful!!

We booked with xtreme downhill and paid 300 Bolivianos per person which was a lot cheaper then at other places. I would recommend the company & our tour guide was amazing!







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