The Amazonas


A wide river, caiman, macaws, monkeys, spiders, giant rodents, giant otters & a bunch of native plants is all it takes to enjoy a couple of days in the Amazon. Puerto Maldonado was our access point, 300 soles per person was our price, 2 days 1 night was our stay, Carlos expeditions was our tour company and Daniel was our guide.

When getting a guide always be sure to ask if their grandfather left them with a native family in the rainforest for 3 years when they were 8. Daniel had the fortune of such an event and as a result was an expert on all the forest plants. And to think I complain about tinned tomato’s in the supermarket that don’t come with openers.

Image result for tinned tomatoes
seriously though…
What is this?

Fun fact: the 20% of plants that you can use will either make you hallucinate, heal you or act as viagra. 

We heard the Amazon was incredibly dense and despite their abundance, hard to actually spot animals in. Maybe it was our small group of 3, early mornings or expert guide but we saw pretty much everything except for the Jaguar. 




Capuchin Monkey


There was also the worlds biggest, and possibly slowest rodent the Capybara. We saw the Capybara at night time and couldn’t take any photos, but here is a picture I drew just for you. In real life they look a little bit more lifelike.

To scale for your convenience

The Capybara was actually the highlight of the animals, the size (As seen in our size comparison) makes them look like something that somehow survived the Jurassic period. 

Lake Sandoval Has the famed and allusive giant otters which are very hard to to see due to them being elusive. We got a good glance from a distance though.

We also learnt that in the rainforest, the real kings of the land are the wild pigs, the otters are the kings of the water, humans in kayaks are neither.




IMG_2614 2
Don’t forget your 4 layers of clothes to escape the mosquitos




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