Puerto Maldonado needs you!

That’s right. Puerto Maldonado is calling your names. This town is one of the amazon access points of Peru, commonly being challenged by Iquitos. Despite Iquitos’ distance, location and cost it still somehow manages to come off on top, like Ken on Street Fighter. Most internet searches will also lead you there rather than the river town of Puerto Maldonado.


Perhaps that’s why P Maldonado has the feel of a town that was a busy tourist hub 5 years ago but has since suffered the wrath of too many Tripadvisor comparisons. The town isn’t big but  that doesn’t stop it from having 1 nightclub for every 4 travellers and at least 44 travellers which means there must be at least 11 nightclubs. Seriously we walked past more nightclubs than King Street in Melbourne. All huge, all cool and all empty. As big lovers of nightclubs this disheartens us.

Fill this baby up

Anyway, until word catches on we recommend staying 1 night. We chose the Tambopata Hostel which has rooms from 30 PEN a night. We got a free upgrade to the private 3 bed room.

We caught an average bus from Cusco for 45 Soles each, coulda splurged another 15 and got a much nicer one though.


We booked a 2 day Amazon tour for 300 Soles per person. This included lodging, meals, birds, caimans and giant Otters. Also lots of spiders. Ciao



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