Huaraz trek 2, Lagoon 69

Kids at school used to tell me that hot air rises. I wish I could find those little bastards and put them 3700 m into the sky next to a beautiful mountain top lake where the air is thin and cold to find me the hot air. 

That’s my only qualm with lagoon 69 and one of many from primary school.

Coming for you kiddo’s

The  hike itself is amazing. The scenery almost gives you vertigo as you stare up at the towering mountain sides.

But you don’t just get to stare at them. You walk through and up them. And up them. And up them some more, until breathing is your first and only conscious thought. The reward? Endorphins flooding your body and views like this…




Look at the lowest furthest point. We walked from there. Still only 1/2 way

After going from too hot to too cold and changing outfits 17 times we made it to the lagoon which is just as impressive as it seems. If you’re a real adventurer you can pitch a tent and spend the night. Or continue climbing to greater heights for even better views. 

Do not recommend this acitivity at this altitude
Made it!



We couldn’t tell if we preferred the snow capped mountain tops literally within arms reach or the valley landscapes below… Both were incredible. Colombia partying definitely made sure that we wouldn’t like the actual climbing. But we would do the entire thing again in a heartbeat. 




Can never escape the pollen.


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