Huaraz – Pastoruri Glacier

There are only a few things in the world we would recommend you don’t do. Most things offer, at the very least a lesson or experience. I can’t say the same for going from an 9 hour bus ride straight into a high altitude hike (4700 meters above sea level) to a glacier that lies at the end of a valley that has won an ‘award’ for being windy. First of all who is giving out Guinness awards for wind? We need warnings not awards. Secondly the walk is only 45 minutes after a 2 hour bus ride (from Huaraz) so it’s not so bad.

The altitude is a real struggle and the wind doesn’t help, so take really warm clothes. Everyone here wears puffer jackets and proper hiking shoes. We have a pair of Nike’s with a hole in them and jumpers we bought for Australian winter. So not exactly prepared for glacier weather.



But it’s worth it for the impressiveness of the Pastoruri Glacier. Which is impressive because it is big and it is white and it is frozen. But not for ever, so make sure you visit it when you come to Peru (which you will soon because Peru is amazing).


We paid 35 Soles pp for the tour & 35 Soles pp to get into the national park. Reasonable I’d say. You can book this tour at every hostel and every tour place in town.

Still laughing at these photos
Almost better than the glacier


A giant Cactus
Corny, I know!
Just a little bit cold!

This post took us 2 hours & 10 Pisco sours to create. Thank you Huaraz for your great Pisco sours and your not so great internet.

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