Last day in Lima

Much to our surprise Lima Peru is probably one the most international cities we have been to. You’ve probably heard about the food culture in Lima (food capital) but it doesn’t end there. If you’re into shopping then there is plenty and plenty of that. If you like kind helpful and calm people this place is for you. So far Charlie has wanted to hug every single person we’ve met because she thinks they are so cute. And despite the cold winds, if you like sun, once it touches you in Lima the layers come off and tanning becomes a real option. 

The city is huge, like really big, it would be impossible for us to generalise it all. But the tourist suburb of Miraflores, despite the high prices of food, has plenty to keep you busy as you pass through or stay a while. We stayed at the Alpes Lima in the private rooms for $24.5 p/p with dorms available for less and Free Pisco sours on arrival. 





A few cheeky photos from the day! ❤

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