Bogota to Lima, Peru

Only half of us were impressed by Bogota. Admittedly coming from Medellin makes it hard to be impressed with a city. For Teddy, Bogota offered nice cobblestone streets, lots of open park squares and nice surrounding views of mountain landscapes. For Charlie, well there was just waaaaay to many pigeons. 

The Pigeons complete the cities European feel


Not even 1,000,000 sky rats are going to stop us from enjoying a place, so we went out for a delicious Italian meal and signed ourselves up for our hostels ‘Gringo Tuesdays’. Free shots of Aguardeinte, a blue bus and one busy club was all it took to make sure we had great memories of Bogota. 

Probably the busiest Tuesday nightclub you can find


The next day, feeling very, very average it was time for us to get on a plane and head to Lima. Not expecting the trip to take the whole day we had to rush when we got Lima to make it to our dinner reservation at the restaurant Rafael Osterling. Oh man did we splurge! We had some of the best food we’ve ever tried, next time we might stay away from the sea urchin (such a strange thing to eat) including amazing cocktails, great wine and superb dessert. We left very full and also very tipsy. The result of this was us falling asleep on a bean bag outside our bedroom on the balcony. 

Scallop & Prawn Taco

Today we are spending the day shopping. As it’s a lot colder here we are in need of a jacket, socks and perhaps a beanie. Tonight we are off to Huaraz for our first hike in Peru!


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