Botanical Gardens

Spent our last day in Medellin yesterday walking around the Botanical garden. Now you’re thinking; ‘Wow it must have been beautiful!!’. Im going to be honest. Its a pretty average garden. It’s mainly green and a little untidy, I mean, we don’t hate green gardens or anything, green gardens are fine, ok they’re just fine. However, thanks to the GIGANTIC iguanas we had a pretty good time. I have never seen an iguana climb a tree so impressively.

Very camo of me




We also saw a lot of ducks, huge ducks, not like the petit Swedish ducks. They were pretty cool as well.

Since being attacked by a chicken in Cuba I’m terrified of birds, so here I’m running for it when I spot my first duck


The turtle chilling on a rock was alright. He didn’t do much but do turtles ever do much? Still we get just as excited every time we see one, even though it’s just sitting still.


Enough about the park, more about the sad fact that we’ve left Medellin. I will miss that place. Our Saturday night was THE BEST NIGHT EVER. I mean it, we had so much fun!! I love how easy it is to sit down at a hostel bar and 3 hours later you’ve gotten yourself a crew of about 10 people who  go out together like best friends and have a fantastic time. No photos from this night. Which is probably a good thing.

Thank you Medellin, you’ve been a blast. I am hoping we will be back one day.



So good at taking selfies! ❤ ❤

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