‘You’re going to love it!’ ‘It’s amazing’, ‘it’s the best place in Colombia’, ‘the weather is perfect’. Even though we were told all of these things before coming here, Medellin still managed to surprise us. 



As the food and drink lovers that we are, this place is heaven. We’ve spent more money in the past 2 days, then we have in the past 2 weeks. There is just so many things to splurge on! 


We’ve done the classic Pablo Escobar tour, which was very cool. Got to see an old house of his, met his brother and saw his grave. We paid $90.000 pesos for a 3 hour tour. Not the cheapest around but well worth it. The money they earn on the tour they use to help the poor people in Medellin, we thought this was a good thing.

Señor Roberto Escobar
Not the real Napoles but close enough
“Have a seat amigo… We need to talk”
Pablo and friends grave

The boys even took it one step further and played paintball in one of his old mansions, this was included in a full day tour including a trip to Guatapé. I wasn’t very keen on paintball (it hurts like a bi*ch), so Frida and I decided to do a girls day which included 4 hours at a spa and to much wine (if that exists). This then ended with us out on the town in wet hair, red spotted faces, in flip flops and the wrong clothes. But hey, endless tequila shots will help making you feel like a princess and boost that confidence (probably a little to high). Let’s just say even if we did go out looking our best we would be nothing against the Colombian girls. Bootylicious has a whole new meaning here. Which was very good for us because no eyes went above waist height so our faces didn’t matter anyway. 


Sexy paper bikini’s, new fashion.

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