If you find yourself in San Gil, paragliding is something you HAVE TO try. The canyon where you do it is beautiful!




I have never been so scared in my whole life and I actually thought was gonna chicken out in the last minute. Throwing myself off a mountain cliff was never high up on my wish list.  The things you do for your husband and friends when there is a good price on the line ($45 AUD).

Anyway, I did it. Can’t say I loved every second of it but towards the end I managed to relax a little and enjoy. Most of my “flight” consisted of Jose saying things like ‘ calm down Charlie’, ‘enjoy the views (I had my eyes closed the first 5 minutes)’, he even started talking to me about random stuff to try and get my mind on other things like a doctor does to a kid scared of needles, haha.



I was holding on so hard I thought my hands were going to bleed

BUT at the end when he asked if I wanted some adrenaline I thought fuck it and said yes and I had the time of my life! Would I do it again? NO WAY. Am I happy I did it? YES.


Teddy was cool as a cucumber as per usual and thought it was the most relaxing thing ever. He’s even considering getting one himself for casual weekend activities. I am not being very supportive to say the least.




Today we are off on yet another night bus to go to Medellin!

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