San Gil

15 hours, 499 kilometres of bumpy roads and what charlie insists were bus mosquito’s but that unlike mosquito’s were invisible and also unlike mosquito’s bit her 9 times on the same elbow through the worlds thickest wool jumper later and we made it. San Gil, also known as the adventure capital of the Colombia is a red roofed, valley built city. If you do find yourself walking on flat ground here don’t get used to it, the valley edges are incredibly close which means everything other than the main church and town square is built up into the mountains.


After a while travelling you forget to appreciate the little differences in accommodation. Luckily we remembered as we arrived at La Mansion hostel which is just that. Decked out with antique art, furniture, an envious center courtyard and deliciously cheap (compared to Cartagena) restaurant La Mansion is a little gem.



What is really great about San Gil isn’t just the lush steep mountains but what you do on them…jump off of course. Whether its rappelling, zip lining, paragliding or bungee jumping. Today for Teddy it was Bungee jumping. 140 metres of bungee jumping (for $45!!). After filling the valley with a loud FUUUUUUUUUCK it was all over.

The beautiful valley

A sneak peak of the jump!! A more close up video is on it’s way 😉

Would you do it?!
Even got myself a little certificate

Tomorrow we are all of on a paragliding adventure!

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