Casa En El Agua

We went back to Cartagena for one night to prepare for our tip out to the floating hostel “Casa En El Agua”. It will take you 2 hours with a speed boat out of Cartagena to reach the hostel, a trip that won’t be as fun as it sounds when you’re vomiting over board. Yep that was Teddy. Turns out (or so we believe) that the filtered water at the hostel wasn’t as drinkable as they said. After 6 hours of vomiting through the night I got him super pills from the pharmacy, dragged him out to the dock against his will (He was too weak to argue) and the vom on the boat was going to be his last. I might have told him we were going on this boat:


Which made him happy. Although we were just walking through it to our actual boat (which was nothing like this one).

At this point I didn’t know that 2 hours later the devil bug was going to hit me as well. Can’t say we had the best time at this place, which is why the photos are few, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t extremely beautiful.

This place it definitely worth a visit and even though we spent most of our time sleeping, the sleeping occurred in the sun, on a sun bed, next to some incredibly blue waters. So we weren’t complaining, not about that part at least.

The celebration for Frida’s birthday was going to have to wait until the next night.

The view we woke up to


The hostel


Not my beer. Our bar tab was cheap, only consisting of Coca Cola.
And we survived yet another tummy bug!! (Actually thought we both had a strong stomach. This trip have proved me wrong. Many times. Or we just don’t think hard enough about the things we eat and drink, should probably start doing that 😉

With a bit of a tan, empty tummies and a good spirit we headed back to Cartagena. The night yesterday was spent at the Hyatt hotel doing just that (celebrating Frida’s birthday). With a few bottles of wine and a delicious dinner we finished the night on a good note feeling pretty good. 

Only photo of the night so excuse the irrelevant picture of the view.

Today we are off on yet another adventure which includes a 15 hour night bus to San Gil. 

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