Casa Loma, Minca

A place in the mountains, above the city (because mountains mostly always are) you will find Casa Loma. A confusing walk and incredibly tough staircase from Minca’s central area you’ll find it is well worth the effort. With yoga, all vegetarian restaurant, cool staff, hammocks, dorms and private rooms you really have your pick of comfort options. For us we chose hammocks, made much easier by the 2 for 1 cocktails (that’s $8 Australian dollars for 2 cocktails, also known as a deal!) how could you pass a place like this up? Even the mosquito’s here are petit and cute, buzzing around, stoping in for a little bite here and there. and if you wanna keep them away, the fire pit is always there waiting to be lit up.


Its easy to see how this was voted one of Colombias best hostels. I mean its not perfect. There could be fancy safety fences and less birds nesting above the hammocks. But let’s look at reasons why there shouldn’t be. First its not by any means overpriced. Focusing on the primary features, like a hanging chair lookout that faces the sunset. Along with an open yoga platform built around a tree hanging over the mountain has payed off, instead of focusing on pretty little design features. A lack of safety supports on the platform means people get to come to terms with being responsible for themselves and looking after their own safety (Yippee). If you can find me a person that wants to carry fencing up that mountain then goodluck to you. Finally, the sound of chirping morning birds keeps most insects away from you as they try to find little dark places like your hammock. They’re not so bad at all.

Yoga studio


So there. Why casa loma is a great hostel and if you find yourself in Minca then check it out.

Private Rooms are – 100,000
Dorms are – 24,000 – 40,000
Hammocks are- 20,000
Dinner degustation is – 19,000
Yoga is – 15,000


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