An afternoon by the water

After a morning in our hostel hammocks (Never as comfortable as it sounds) we decided it was finally time to get into Santa Marta city and see it for ourselves. A morning of relaxing is hard work so we decided we needed a cool cerveza on a rooftop. That led to dinner which led to buying snacks for our 2 day camping adventure in Tayrona National park. I told Charlie she wasn’t allowed to buy Pringles for $4.5 right before i found Tomato crisps (The best crisps) for the same price. Feeling too guilty to make the purchase, my snack of choice is know 9 day old muesli bars that are still in my back pack from the boat. Maybe husbands shouldn’t have opinions on which brand of crisps their partner buys. A thought for another time.

Here are some photos.IMG_9889IMG_8569IMG_8684IMG_9171IMG_2560



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