We have read a bunch of stuff recommending foreigners not to rent cars and drive in Colombia. At first I thought this was similar to the comments from people disgusted at not being able to flush toilet paper down a toilet in Latin America. However, after a 5 hour shuttle bus from Cartagena to Santa Marta that required one vomit stop and a bunch of left over seasickness pills, I understand. Leave it to the professionals. By professionals we mean every local Colombian. Even the worst, one eyed, big toe missing, thumbless, drunk local could do better than a foreigner. 

Any way Santa Marta wasn’t quiet the wonderland we thought it might be, so we spent the day in Tagango. A place surrounded by dry hills (So hot and dry), covered in the biggest cactus trees you have ever seen (They must be at at least 50-100 years old).IMG_6995

The beach here is pretty much covered in rubbish but the small strip along the water is worth a visit. We made it in time to watch the Colombia vs Poland football match which means we pretty much got the best atmosphere you could ask for Viva la Colombia! 

A walk over the hill at the far end of the beach takes you not only past hundreds of gigantic cacti tree and cool look out point but also to a nicer habitable beach. 


The surrounding environment of dry hills, thousands of cacti, arid paths and blue Caribbean water really made Taganga stand out. The water was surprisingly cold, which suited us just fine as we felt like we were on the verge of death by sunlight by the time we made it down.

After being asked by the police to the leave the beach because of rain (or what we thought was rain in broken Spanish) we made it back to the hostel for siesta and 1 hour later, bed.


Por Favor Señor, uno mas fotografía


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