More on Cartagena

Since Cartagena is something of a fiesta, art and business city you won’t find yourself faced with hard decisions between different activities. More likely you’ll end up in a walking tour, walking around by yourself, or walking around on one of the many famous walls… Lots of walking.

Still walking
Walking up a ramp
IMG_5986 2
Walking next to a wall
Coast line walking

We found ourselves celebrating Swedish midsummer in our hostel, complete with köttbullar, patatis and schnapps. Our amigos Frida and Kevin organised tickets to the club Eivissa where the drinks are overpriced but the atmosphere is well worth it. We ended the night at 3:30 with some of the best street food we have had so far.



Continuing on with the Swedish theme, day 3 involved finding a place that wasn’t hit by the now 5 hour power outage so we could watch Sweden almost beat Germany in the World Cup. Then catching a 5 hour shuttle to the beautiful Santa Marta.

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