Water to land

After 30 hours at open sea with not much more to do than card games, dice games, Monopoly, eating, sleeping and relaxing it’s safe to say that we were a little excited when we saw the coast of Colombia. 5 days at sea has had us swaying for 2 days even though the ground is not moving.

We’ll save you more boat photos, partly because the final leg of the boat involved a series of storms and partly because that’s the last thing you need to see at the start of your work week. So lets jump into Colombia!

Image result for colombia flag emoji

It would be a lie to say that we felt like we needed more sunshine after 5 days through the carribean but sometimes you get things you don’t need in life. In what feels like a city with near constant sun, Cartagena has a lot more to offer. We know that expectations are a waste of energy when travelling, all the same Cartagena feels like what we expected Havana in Cuba to be like. With incredibly colourful buildings, sea breeze, music and football being played everywhere Cartagena is the perfect city to sit down and relax for a couple of days in. 

Just sitting & relaxing


If you have enough sunscreen to last you through the day then most places are a walk away, the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas was a highlight of our first day. Known as the place that saved South America from the overly categorical and much less sexy English language the castle is an awesome treasure of history and great views. Also a great place to buy a sombrero to cure all doubts of whether you’re a tourist or not.

IMG_3210IMG_1684IMG_3847IMG_0052 2

‘Na I’m a local’

After surviving the heat of the Castillo we said our goodbyes to the rest of our boat friends, picked, had a sub par ceviche and called it a night.

Ciao Gang, thanks for the photo Josh
Ciao Dave
Ciao Nikki
Ciao B

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