Another day at sea, #3

Woke up to the smell of pancakes and coffee. Demolished breakfast and jumped straight into our infinity pool (aka ocean) connected to our boat. 

Worst bomb ever

After some paddle boarding, snorkelling and relaxing we were off to our 2nd island. As I snoozed on the deck the whole way there I’m not sure how long it took, but I’m gonna go with about an hour or two. 

I didn’t think we would visit a more beautiful place than the first island, how wrong I was. Island number 2 was like a post card, like something someone came up with in fantasy and then placed there for people to visit.


Blue water, palm trees and white sand. What more do you really want? There are two families living on the island (don’t ask me how or what they do all day) and this I don’t think I could do, there is going to be a point where you are sick of having wet hair and sand in your pants.





Yet again, without being repetitive (which I am cause I will say it all again), we swam, snorkelled, tanned, walked around the island, played beach volleyball, paddle boarded and saw lots of dolphins (!!!) that the boys swam with. Very cool, there is something special with those shiny, hairless, fish looking things that are cute and majestic. 






During the day we lunched on spaghetti bolognese (which could be the best I’ve ever had) and for dinner we had fresh fish (that got filleted in front of us) curry. The food has been unbelievable so far. 

At night fall it was time for the cards to come out and the beers to be cooled. The rest you can figure out yourself. 



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