Day 2 at sea!

Waking up at 6 am and be able to grab your headphones, head out on to the deck and take in the morning sun is a way to really relax your soul. ‘Legacy ft. Suduaya’ by Nibana was the wake up song of choice for us.  


After a delicious breakfast and a little passport stamping on the little immigration island we were off to our first San Blas island. 

We anchored the boat right by a real paradise island surrounded by white sand and beautiful ocean. It didn’t take us long to jump into what would be the bluest, clearest water I have ever seen. After hours of tanning & snorkelling we had lunch, a delicious pork curry with fresh coconut. At this point we are all burnt to a crisp which didn’t stop us for a good round of beach volleyball We had a hot game going and I’m pretty sure our team won. Being able to run 7 metres into the best ocean we have seen when volleyball made us too sweaty was a feeling better than winning… For Teddy at least, he lost volleyball.






We have now arrived to the happy hour part of the night that Charlie ran out of the Eski on the boat. This really got the party going, with 3 different card games being played at once and singing songs long into the late night. Going to bed we all hummed the tunes to “zimmey zimmey” and dreamt about vodka shots. 




Oh but let’s not forget about dinner. Dinner was 18 kilos of lobster (yes that’s one whole lobster per person!!!!) smothered in garlic butter, served with home made mash and salad. If that’s not a food orgasm then I don’t know what is.

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