Day 1 at sea!

We left Panama City at about 1.45, packed ourself and our luggage into a little van with 10 others. It was tight. We were all in a great spirit and did a great job at ignoring the heavy storm we drove into on the way there. After chatting away for 3 1/2 hours we arrived to our destination, Puerto Lindo. 

We met our boat La Gitanita (Or what we currently call her, the Gitanic) and hurry on board. Teddy and I get our own “private cabin” which is pretty much a bed in a cupboard, but it does come with a bathroom that you can almost stand up in! We get our briefing by the captain, which sounded something like “This isn’t a hotel, chatting isn’t my thing and don’t complain, it’s up to you to make this a good time”. Thanks Cap. We were definitely going to make this a good time.



All happy, we sail away sitting at the front of the boat watching the sunset, having fun going up and down the waves and cheering with our cold beers. Life is good.


A few hours later while waiting for food it dawns on me, I’m getting seasick. I wasn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last. Hanging over the railing doing my thing, I instantly regretted the prawn pasta we had for dinner. There was no raw ginger that was going to help me at this point, this didn’t stop Teddy from slicing up little bits of ginger and forcing everyone to have some. 

I had a seasick pill and felt much better, we all fell asleep on deck watching the stars and seeing an oncoming storm with lightning in the horizon. The storm never hit us and neither did the seasickness again. We were able to stumble into bed to wake up at about 6am on day two.

IMG_9741 2
The immigration Island where we got our passports stamped


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