Panama City

We made it. The 17 hour bus ride was a breeze (Not sarcasm), time flew by and we had plenty of stops for food and leg stretching. We were actually angry that we got woken up at the final stop and were hoping the bus would continue on so we could keep sleeping.

Panama City is alright, if you’re into grey buildings, shopping malls and cars honking for no reason, then this is the place for you (by the way everyone knows how to accelerate, honking doesn’t help). Luckily for us we needed a shopping mall which meant we could enjoy all three of the wonders.

A day in any mall generally requires some form of relaxation afterwards and today was no exception. Some cerveza’s in the pool was on the menu for the rest of the afternoon.


We get picked up tomorrow at 1PM for our Yacht adventure. We have enough drinks to make sure that if seasickness doesn’t get us then the rum will.

Ciao for now.

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