Water Rafting

According to the many of the adventure offices in Tamarindo, the river we were going on today was going to be wild. Almost too wild. We said fuck it and decided to go anyway. We headed up towards the Tenorio river. It’s an hour and a half away from Tamarindo.

Nervous and excited we put on our life vests and helmets and jumped into our yellow rubber boat.

5 minutes in and we knew all those people making us freak out was full of sh#t. Yes it was crazy, yes we fell in the water (except for Charlie who was holding on like there was no tomorrow and ended up being pushed in at the end), yes we got knocked a few times and had a few bruises, but not once did we think it was to crazy. If anything we wanted more, way more actually by the time we stepped out for snacks and lunch.

It was so worth it and gave us the confidence to call ourselves “experienced rafters”, we definately wanna do it again. Faster. We paid $125 USD which was pretty pricey but that was including all transport and lunch.

We are waiting for a few pics, but down below are some for now!





Team tired after rafting. Hard work staying alive

We finished our day with dinner and drinks on the beach watching a beautiful sunset





Hopefully if the weather allows it we will be off to Flamingo Beach tomorrow!


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