We spent the day yesterday in our broken car trying to get up and down the hills to make it to our destination, Tamarindo. The views along the way were magical, a bonus when the car goes 10 km an hour up every hill, You get to see a lot. We’ve booked the car through Sixt car rental and what a company. Yes we chose the full insurance (why wouldn’t we, somehow shit keeps happening to us, plus we have Teddy driving) and we are pretty happy about that now. We called the company and when we arrived at our hostel, we had a new car waiting for us. Good job Sixt.

The  bridge we thought was a good idea to drive over…
We made it over, only to realise we had to reverse back again..Never been so scared in my life.

Now, Tamarindo, what can I say? It’s more an American suburb, (which is why some people call it TamaGringo) BUT don’t get me wrong, this place is totally worth a visit. Beaches, bars, restaurants, nightlife, lots and lots of activities and best of all, lovely locals. We went out to try the nightlife yesterday with our Swedish friend Nicke that lives here. And if coming home at 5am isn’t proof enough then I’m also ok telling you that the party scene here is good, it’s very good. 


I wish this was me……

Woke up feeling a bit rough today, pulled ourselves together and headed for brekky. We’ve booked our rafting for tomorrow (can’t wait!!!), so today we will chill, enjoy the beach vibe (even though it’s on the edge of raining) and get ready for dinner tonight, which I’m pretty sure will be on the beach with a cold cerveza. Life is hard for those who travel, is t it?

Yet another unclose selfie. Need to be better at asking other people to take the shots……



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