Tabacon is the biggest & nicest hot spring there is in La Fortuna. It’s also a resort which means that you have to pay ($45 for just the springs for 5 hours & $70 if you want it to include Lunch or Dinner) to go in for the day to visit.

This is what Frida and I did last night. We arrived at 5.30 to spend our night there, it was magical. Unfortunately it was a bit to dark for pictures, but we tried so I’ll but a few up so you get the idea of the place!

I would defiantly recommend coming here if you are in the area. It’s well worth the money and an experience like no other. They also have a pool bar where the pool is so hot you can barely sit in it! Not that we were complaining drinking our refreshing cocktails 😉

Not the best quality due to the dark & steam, but you get the picture of the beauty at this place!
Got in my zone on a rock
The HOT Pool Bar
Had to jump out of the water every now and again
Our delicious drinks!

Had a great girls night ❤

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