La Fortuna, Costa Rica

If ever there was a place designed for adventure activities La Fortuna is it. Nestled between volcanoes (We can’t get away from them), surrounded by fast flowing rafting rivers and covered with dense forest La Fortuna offers just about every adventure activity you can handle. Horsing, rafting, ATV’s, jumping cliffs, kayaking, zip lining and relaxing in warm thermal pools or if it’s your poison relaxing at another awesome hostel that Central America seems to be full of. Teddy gave a driving here from San Jose a go, which was really cute of him. Although, It didn’t take long before we made the right choice and sent him to the passenger seat.

the only smile that happened while he was behind the wheel
It’s tiering being the driver

After a morning of thermal rivers, (it’s like sitting in a natural jacuzzi); A day of writing, eating and listening to music at the hostel was the obvious choice for Teddy. Charlie went with Frida to get some photos of the Instagram famous water steps.



After a month of travelling you forget the enjoyment that can come from doing nothing at a hostel for a day. Fortunately for us (Sort of) the rainy season hasn’t ended with our arrival, in fact it seems to have started, this means a lot of lounging around is on the menu. Luckily we stayed at the Selina hostel which has just about every facility you can ask for. Great music, awesome decor, pool with volleyball nets, hammocks, hanging chairs and little bastard ants that bite you every chance they get. Most things in Costa Rica tend to sting you, depending on how you look at it this can be a great exercise in self discipline to not scratch the bites, in another way it’s a test of how well you can apply repellent.


Today we are off to explore a waterfall and then head towards Tamarindo! ❤ ❤

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