Costa Rica

Arrived in Costa Rica yesterday after a very smooth flight. Managed to fall asleep before take off and wake up at touch down with my shirt covered in drool. Very attractive.

We stayed the night in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. A big city, similar to America in a lot of ways and not much more to offer than busy roads, restaurants/cafes and shopping centres. You really don’t get the “Caribbean feel” in this city, more the feeling of “this is just a city like any other”.

However I do have to give a shout out to the hostel we stayed at, it’s called Finca Escalante and it probably has the nicest staff I’ve ever come across. It’s a very family oriented hostel and the location is great. We paid about $9 us each to stay and I can highly recommend this place.

We’ve rented a car for the rest of our Costa Rica trip. From then on we will spend the next 7 days driving around and exploring, since we have pretty much arrived in the wet season we are keeping our beach expectations low. One thing I’m super excited about here in Costa Rica is the water rafting possibilities. I’ve never tried it and I can’t wait to get petrified in a rubber ring with 6 others, down a wild lake in the middle of the jungle.

The coffee in Costa Rica is the best so far!! Yum yum yum


How we spent our night last night. Home cooked pasta, a bottle of red and a few hectic games of pool. ❤ ❤

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