Guatemala City

Yesterday we ended up just chilling for most of the day, pretty tired from waking up at 3am to catch our bus to the airport. Massive fail.

For lunch we decided to treat our self and find a place where we could have a glass of wine. We ended up at a place called kaffa, had a beautiful lunch, 3 bottles of wine a few beers and a hectic game of canasta. Would rate this as one of the best dining experiences we’ve had so far on this trip.Service was great and the menu reasonably priced. After bonding with the owner and promising to be back today for more food (we never went back, Can’t afford to treat ourself to often) it was time for us to leave our lunch spot at about 9pm. The rest of the night was spent in our hostel, eating late night noodles and talking with the other guests.

Guatemala City really isn’t as bad as people have said. It’s bustling with cool cafes and dinner places. They have guards at every corner witch makes you feel like you’re less likely to be robbed of all your belongings.

Internet is being shit, so can’t put photos up……<3 ❤



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