Guatemala City day 2

The morning started with free hostel pancakes (Thanks Tequila Sunrise B&B) some early morning relaxing and then hitting the worlds hardest to find gym near the Estación Plaza de la República. It involves going through a carpark, down some spiral staircases and behind a local university.

After a starvation driven search for a lunch spot Cajsa, Frida & Kevin went shopping at a nearby mall while Teddy (Who is obviously missing University) stayed at the hostel to write some essays.

Since Zone 4 tends to display all the signs of a foodies paradise eating out costs about 40-90 Q a meal. Still cheap, but not as cheap as buying and cooking your own food. Tonight we were meant to cook fried rice and play cards to save those $$, but the plans changed when we didn’t make it to the super market. We ended up going to Taco Bell (a way worse version than Taco Bill) were we probably had the worst Mexican burritos I’ve ever had. Good way to ruin our gym session and the salad we had for lunch that made us feel great.

Tomorrow we should finally be able to catch our flight to San Jose, Costa Rica where we will go rafting, check some pretty water steps out and hang around the Pacific coast where we have heard the most is happening.


Do your self a favour, don’t ever visit this place.



Teddy’s Portobello Burger at Kaffa for lunch yesterday. filled with blue cheese SO yummy. If you’re ever in Guatemala City. Make sure you visit this place.

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