San Pedro La Laguna

We traded a deep valley surrounded by Volcanoes for a huge lake also surrounded by Volcanoes. San Pedro sits on the edge of the massive lake Atitlan and offers travellers a different scene than the sleepy restful Antigua. Despite the fact that all clubs shut down at 1Am and that there seems to be only 1 real club (Sublime), San Pedro  is still considered the party town of Guatemala.

San Pedro from the water


Kayaking on the Lake is a must, we payed $10Q an hour for our kayaks. From here you can put in the work to reach any of the other towns around the island, or relax and take in your surroundings while you sit in the middle of the lake.

If you like jumping from tall buildings or if you are bad at saying ‘no’ when challenged to jump from tall buildings, then be sure to give the free water pillow a go.



We were meant to fly to Costa Rica today, but due to the volcano eruption our flight was canceled. We are now staying in Guatemala City until Wednesday where we are getting the first flight out.

To think that so many people live near an active volcano that took 25 lives, hurt over 300 people and had over 1000 people evacuated, that it could erupt at anytime and that only a day before we were there seems a little surreal. Let’s take some time and appreciate life today. ❤ ❤


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