Picture a deep valley surrounded by the various towering mountain formations that come with volcanic regions. 

That’s what you get with Antigua. The vibe here is similar to most base camp towns, if you like calmer quieter atmospheres, you’ll find it hard to leave Antigua.

Hostels prepare visitors from all over for any one of the many hikes available that are just an hour or less from the city. Later, they accomodate tired bodies who have just returned. Picture a cleaner less dense Kathmandu. 

If you’ve ever heard the term ‘chicken bus’ but aren’t quiet sure exactly what could context to use it in, 1 hour in Antigua will clear that confusion up. Michael Bay wouldn’t be able to make a school bus look any cooler than the locals have.

Google image, but this is what you get.

There are ATM’s here so don’t stress. We found that 5 attempts at different machines is the magic number to finally withdraw cash. 

Food ranges from $15-$65Q depending on how good you are at finding the cheap eats. 

The town centre


Mountain base can be reached in 30 minutes of walking
Some old Spanish colonial charm

We stayed at Barberas Boutique Hostel. A more relaxed feelings fills the place as people share hiking and travel stories with one another. Almost everyone here is starting a trip down south or getting ready to finish up North. It’s also worth noting that the staff ‘Jimena’ & ‘Gabby’ were the two most helpful people we have met so far. From basic directions, to any information we needed, to recommending the lovely Dr. Oscar for Charlie. They found our lost towels, looked after our stuff as we were either in hospital or on a volcano & were generally lovely people to just talk to.   

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