We drove up a foggy mountain for about 45 minutes, to get to our starting point. Finally there we collected our food, jackets and walking sticks. We got a quick run down from our Spanish guide (can’t say we understood much) and started walking. After the first 10 minutes we were both breathing like 2 over heated dogs (let’s blame it on the altitude as we started the walk at 2,500 m), I was pretty much still connected to my hospital bed and teddy, who refused to get a horse to carry my stuff, was suffering with 8 liters of water, clothes and other necessities in his bag (I did bring the snacks though, so a bit of credit to me). 

After 5.5 hours walking up hill, with plenty of stops of course, the most wonderful nature and views to die for, we made it to our base camp at 3900 meters. It was with shaky legs and big smiles that we threw our stuff in our prepared tent, and sat our arses by the bonfire to watch the erupting vulcano. 

Can we just take a minute and appreciate this?


Later on that night, sitting by the fire, sipping our hot chocolates, we both thought to our selves ‘this could be the coolest thing we’ve ever done’.

The next day we woke up to a view like no other 



At about 7.30 after our morning coffee our way down started. We made it in about 2.5 hours and boy was this way easier! 

It was an incredible experience, and even though we won’t be able to walk tomorrow, dirty & sweaty, more tired then I’ve ever been, I would do it agin in a heart beat. Maybe not in the next few weeks, but you know, at some point in life.

Cost 300 Q through GT adventures (the cheapest one we came across) and that was including entry, food and a jacket.

Photo Bomb Ahead!









A few of the photos that were taken! So beautiful. We have arrived at San Pedro, its a pretty little lake side town. More about that later! ❤ ❤



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