The hospital

There are a couple of things in life I didn’t think I would ever say. In fact, some phrases are so far away from my thoughts that I don’t even need to think about how I won’t say them. ‘Thank the lord for the hospital in Antigua Guatemala’ is one of those things.

Yep thats right, no overnight volcano tour for us, just one, extremely hospitable, hospital. How did we end up spending 24 hours here? Thats as good a question as ‘what did Charlie eat to get both salmonella and an intestine parasite’. Actually thats a really good question, one we don’t have an answer to. But something we did, led her to the point where she was shivering with 2 jumpers and 3 blankets on in the middle of the day. Turns out that you don’t have to go to the toilet to have either of these two, so like in Charlie’s case you end up with 39.5 degrees in fever.

Luckily (sort of) something similar happened to a chica 2 weeks ago, so we had the contact to the amazing Dr. Oscar who spoke 4 languages, travelled the world and knew everything about parasites and bacteria. Now before we recommend going to a private Guatemalan hospital I would also recommend getting travel insurance. Ours came with our credit card.

We are back “home” at the hostel, feeling well (who wouldn’t after so many hours with a drip) and tomorrow we are attempting that bloody volcano again!

Now we don’t have cool photos of a volcano spurting lava, but we do have some of the hospital. total cost $2000.

Creepier in photos than real life.

Local ambulance… Not really, just the local bus.


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