The Guatemalan bus

Let us tell you a story about trusting yourself. We can call it instincts, intuition or logical mathematical prediction. When our tour guide (the nice man that Teddy liked) told us our 9 hour bus to Antigua would be the image of comfort; Wifi fitted, recliner styled, meal inclusive and VIP, we thought ‘Oh! A WiFi fitted, recliner styled, meal inclusive and VIP bus, how wonderful’. What we should have thought however was ‘The same guy who told us we would see a 5:15 sunrise at 6 AM (No problems), that we could pay 5 x less for a boat (De nada), and gave us all he wrong information he could (Still a nice man) is now promising us the world. We’ll shop around thanks’.

But we didn’t, all the signs said that we should, but we didn’t, maybe we haven’t developed that travellers intuition just yet. You can imagine we prepared for this, we played expectation lowering games all morning. Then we met another traveller at the station who told us exactly how luscious the bus was, “amazing” he said, “you’ll cruise right through” he marvelled.

We hand our bags in and board the bus only to discover through some seating confusion that we are on the wrong bus and need to catch our correct one in 5 minutes. Needless to say the difference was like …

Comparing this awful hedge

ficuse whitfly

To this beauty


Had we never entered the first bus, this wouldn’t have really been a problem. But the instant contrast was heart breaking. Anyway we slept the entire time and got to Antigua just fine and what a beautiful place it is. Photo’s of the volcano sleepover coming tomorrow.

Lesson to be learnt:- 

  • Buy bus tickets directly from the bus station, even if its a bit of a walk
  • You’ll be fine either way, try to enjoy the fact that the bus toilet hasn’t overflowed
  • Don’t stop trusting people
  • Get to Antigua one day

Bus tickets range from $205Q – $500Q


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