Flores island

As you’ve read, driving to Guatemala in an old shuttle is a mission. That mission doesn’t stop when you  finally pass the border and enter the country. The first 3 atms we tried to get money from declined our cards. The tour guide who Teddy wanted to trust on the basis that he was a ‘nice man’ told us the wrong information for just about everything. Boat trips to the rope swing aren’t $5 Q a person, they are $20-30 Q’s. The 4:30 Am shuttle doesn’t get you to Tikal in time for the sunrise (unless you are sitting on the left side of the van that is still 30 minutes away) and Tickets to Tikal don’t need to be bought at the airport the night before, they can be purchased at the entrance. We are just hoping that the 9 hour bus ride tonight is ‘1st class’. 

Flores Island itself is beautiful, the lake is warm, the tourists are from all over the world the drinks and food can be cheap if you try (We didn’t), walking around at night doesn’t pose a problem and locals are as friendly as everywhere else we have been so far. 

on the bus to Guatemala we met the amazing Katja who has become part of our crew and the fabulous Marco and Marlene who spent the weekend with us eating, drinking, snapping photo’s, translating our poor Spanish and enjoying one another’s company.

The rope swing ‘beach’ (not a beach) is worth checking out, for the brave you can challenge yourself and jump from the extra high ledge that seems to take the wind from you no matter how you land. The hammocks are great way to pass time and if you are in the mood to meet travellers you can’t go wrong here.


The crew!
Real life Tarzan



About to get ready for our 9 hour night bus to Antigua now!

❤ ❤


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