Our 6 hours and 40 minutes from Cancun to Chetumal was a piece of cake. Comfy bus, great aircon and a bathroom. Thank you ADO (the Mexican bus company).

After a night in a hostel in Chetumal our journey started towards Guatemala.

We used the bus company San Juan, you can find them in the ado bus Center in Chetumal. Make sure you have cash when buying tickets ($700 pesos pp), they don’t take card. Obviously the atm behind us didn’t work so teddy went for a 20 minute run to find another one.

We managed to get the bus to wait for us as we were late, only to realise we were half the passengers so there was no chance they were missing out on our money. 

Finally on the road we get told we need $533 pesos pp to leave Mexico. We now needed another atm. We left Mexico, paid our money and got our passports stamped. Really got that “Mexican border feel”. Another few minutes and we all had to get off the bus with all our stuff to go through custom into Belize. We filled out paperwork, got the passports stamped again, packed all the stuff back in and got back on the bus on the other side. 

Oh and did I forget to say that the bus is as small as it gets (it’s a van), doesn’t have aircon, no suspension, the seats finish half way up our backs and we are sitting on top each other. 

We got stopped by the cops in Belize to find out that the van’s insurance is out of date, so they’ve were trying to get that fixed before we could keep moving. That was another 40 minutes of our lives.

About 4 hours after we started the trip we arrived in Belize for a quick stop (teddy managed to make a friend as soon as we stepped out so we got all the local recommendations, I was being a bit suspicious but luckily I was wrong and this guy ‘Mike’ was just a sweetheart) and a desperate attempt to find food. We also had to change van here (which was a more comfortable one, thank god!). 

We decided at the start of our trip to skip Belize as we heard it’s expensive. Our short stop certainly made Teddy regret that. The place was a Rasta haven straight from the Caribbean. Food didn’t seem too expensive, we paid $4 usd for amazing Caribbean chicken and if you need a break from Spanish, English is the first language. 

After another 3 hours in the van it was time to exit Belize (this will cost you $17 usd) and then enter Guatemala! After an hour and a half we finally reached Flores where we will be spending the next 2 nights! 

Wasn’t able to upload any pics….I’ll make sure to upload heaps next time! ❤ ❤

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