Why Gordan Ramsay couldn’t fix a kitchen in Cuba

If he tried I have little confidence in Señor Ramsay’s ability to do anything about a kitchen in Cuba. First of all I can’t for the life of me see any one who can be rightly considered a boss. Sure there might be a guy doing a little bit less than everyone else in a nicer shirt, but when you’re the only 4 patrons in a restaurant with 5 chefs who need to make a Hawaiian pizza and two chicken salads and 40 minutes later you’re told that it’ll be another 10 minutes (No problem, live music, great coffee and a holiday nonchalance makes the wait seem like nothing) you really have to wonder what the correct level of screaming is required to create a sense of urgency.

When finally the pizza does reach the pass, the final inspection of the base is approved with a shrug of the shoulders. It’s pretty clear pretty quickly that ‘Cuban time’ doesn’t cease to exist when you enter the world of work. Shouting at staff would probably just be received with blank stares, maybe you’d even get kicked out, the patrons would definitely tell you to be quiet so that they can focus on the funky band. 

Trying to ‘fix’ a kitchen here would be difficult for just that word alone. ‘Fix’, that would be the major challenge, explaining to someone that there is a problem with the way the kitchen operates in the first place. To do that you would need to explain that there is something wrong with the way Cuba operates and to do that you would have to explain that there is something wrong with the way Cuban people operate. Aaaand that’s when you’ve lost cocinero Gordan. More than likely you’ll be met with sassy dismissal before the tables are turned and it’s made blatantly obvious that your expectations and criticisms are really your problem and not someone else’s.  Quality control on vegetables? That’s what they look like Ramsay Puta del blanco. Time’s taking to long? That’s why we smoke cigars instead of cigarettes? What are those 3 spare chefs doing? Watching someone who is watching some else cook… Obviously.  


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