Habana Round 2!

You might think to yourself that spending 2 days in Havana would involve more than catching the local bus to the Beautiful Playa Del Mar beach, going on search for Cuban dance clubs and drinking $1 mojito’s at the local cheap but cosy living room bar. But that’s exactly what’s so wonderful about Cuba, there is no pressure to do anything more than that. 1 week is definitely not enough time to spend here. I would recommend 3 weeks to a month to explore all of this Beautiful country. We ended up under our budget, proved to ourselves that its possible to walk up to any group of people at night to ask for directions without a problem and came up with a million different things to write about that if condensed will pretty much sound like Cuba, Cuba, Cuba, Cuba. This country really is so different from the rest of the world and has so much to offer. Just bring your own hot sauce.

We are heading back to Cancun, Mexico, tomorrow to then either catch a bus to Guatemala or fly straight to Nicaragua. We haven’t really decided yet. Let’s see where the wind takes us! 

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