Cigar Roll’n

While in Viñales we went on a trip out in the mountains to visit a tobacco farmer. It was an old fashioned farm with old fashioned people. They had a shit load of chickens (one witch attacked Charlie), 2 puppies, a cat, few horses and a goat. We had the typical Cuban man, with the hat and a mustach, explaining the process of growing/farming tobacco. I could explain the process here but you might as well google it.

We had an amazing time and got tought how to roll a cigar from scratch and also got the pleasure of smoking it straight after. Probably one of the coolest things we’ve done so far. We also got to sip on the proper home made Cuban Coffee. Now thats what I call a real caffeine hit.

I do really recommend this tour. It was 4 hours of walk there in the “mountains” with the steaming sun & beautiful nature.


Real Cuban style


Not a fake back drop




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