All about Hotbox

To live life on a tiny island is something everybody should try.

In the last couple of days we have walked for hours, gotten rained on (we got drenched), been on the hunt for crocodiles & flamingos (those fuckers are hard to find) with no luck.  We’ve also done yoga, trained on the beach, eaten Nutella & cheese crepes (a new favourite) and gotten our own cooking on in the hostel kitchen. We’ve had salsa classes, some were better at it then others….I’ll be honest, Teddy was the one with the moves in this case. He hasn’t stopped dancing for 12 hours.

Being on this island you get to see and hang out on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and even though it rained one day we’ve had lots & lots of beautiful weather! Because of this we have managed to get crispy red sunburnt. We all know tanning in the water is the worst you can do, but how can you resist when a place look like this?

*Insert Pic* (Stay cool the pictures WILL come. Promise)

On the island there are no cars, instead they drive golf cars. This can be both charming and irritating at the same time. Especially when trying to wave a taxi down…luckily Teddy is getting somewhere with his Spanish (the other day he tried to ask where he could buy onion, instead he asked where he could buy a horse. The shop lady was very confused to say the least. I was enjoying myself way to much to help him out of the situation he had gotten himself into.

Internet has ben down for almost 24 hours. The frustration is real when you have a blog

We’ve had to change some plans around to be able to get off the island in time to head off to Cuba. More about that later!

❤ ❤

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