How to get to Isla Holbox from Tulum

Hot tips:-

– When trying to save money and catch the local Collectivo (Shuttle) to another town with 4 people and 6 bags it helps to send the two prettiest people ahead and leave the hombrés to fend for themselves (only recommended in day time). Those 2 hombrés ended up really saving money and gaining comfort when the all american hero Andrew picked us up on his way to the airport and dropped us right to the bus station about 50 minutes away.

– When four of you are catching a bigger  bus and there are only 3 seats left, try getting your Spanish speaking friend to go directly to the driver to ask if one of you can sit on the floor. It doesn’t seem to matter how fancy the bus is. For us this was a life saver. Got us to isla holbox in 2 hours instead of 5.5, didn’t require any bribery and only required a polite question and a couple of ‘por favors’.

– Once in Chiquila buy a 140$ ticket to Isla Holbox. People say to buy food and drinks before the ferry but so far the prices are about the same as Tulum. Food is definitely cheaper by about $50Mex  a serve with beer being about $5Mex a can at the supermarket. We had a pod of dolphins swim with us to the island which brought everyone (even the captain (he didn’t stop the boat)) to the side. After the commotion stopped and the ferry wasn’t tipping Portside we made it to the island. 30 min. Easy.

Internet absolutely sucks here, so no photos for today unfortunately! We promise a photo bomb in a few days.

❤ ❤


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