Day 1 isla.

Beautiful weather, beautiful colours on all the buildings. Even the brown wooden pole on our balcony seemed vibrant against the clear blue sky. We stayed at Tribu hostel, a short walk across the island. There really doesn’t seem to be a need to rent bikes or golf carts around here. Hostel Tribu has free yoga, free salsa lessons, live music, great drink specials, and incredibly helpful and fun staff. Feel free to save money and buy food to cook yourself. Or go and spend about $100 on a meal at what might be the freshest fish tacos anywhere. If like us, you are a little bit extra cautious in mainland mexico you can finally relax and feel safe to go about your day and night as you please. An instant safe vibe sets in after about 10 minutes on the island.

Because we felt safe, we decide to hike about 40 minutes in the pitch black night towards a beach were you were able to see glowing Plankton. They were sort of glowing (pretty shit to be honest) but still fun to watch. An experience as we like to say. It was even more fun watching the boys walk into the water and panic in the dark because they stepped on a crab or a weird looking turtle thing with a tail (think stingray with a shell and legs).

And yet again the internet is to slow to post pictures. To be honest I’m surprised we were able to post this. The one spot with internet is in the hammock area and its not like we are complaining hanging here.


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