There are two types of turtles in this world

There are two types of turtles in this world.

Mossy boys & Shelly boys.

Shelly boys swim, hide, play, hunt, eat, dive walk and generally move enough keep a nice clean spotless shell. Looking healthy, stronger and more fertile these turtles really got it going on. While making for harder photo opportunities these bubba’s make swimming in the Mexican Cenote’s a real treat.

Look at that sweet thing

Mossy boys lounge around all day, sit on their tree trunks above the water and float through life without a problem. Moving so little that their shells grow moss, helping them blend in to the surrounding moss patches on the water. A helpful survival technique but thats all their life is, survival. Sitting their compiling moss while their brothers and sisters face life and death. Not giving a thought about their tortuga family who get plucked from the water by bearded vultures, dropped from the air till their shells crack and then eaten from the belly in. Sitting on their log contently watching life go by as members of their species are hunted, farmed, boiled, turned into soup and called delicacies.

Mossy boys relax, conserve energy, only to get to the end of their long lives to realise that they never really lived. That a lifetime of energy conservation only ended in never putting to use that which they spent a life saving. Turning their backs on Shelly boys without the consideration that in numbers they have the power to flourish. Without ever choosing to act, to cooperate, to be brave enough to fail. Stuck in their ways and their moss with no more to hope for than feeding pond flies and insects.

3 Little bastards

You could try and find beauty somewhere in the story of the mossy boys, but you’d be lying to yourself. There is no beauty here, just moss… Lots of moss.

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