Tulum Day 2

Yesterday we rode a bike about 20 minutes away from our hostel to the Grand Cenote. Maps around here tend to make everything look about half the distance that it really is, so when in doubt, just keep going forward. The joy of being able to ride on a half finished highway with granite flying everywhere whenever a car drives by is hard to overstate, it’s a blast!

There is something special with jumping in to a deep hole in the middle of nowhere with water so clear (&Cold) that you can see everything coming your way. This includes the mossy Turtles just chilling/floating around. Yesterday we visited the Grand Cenote here in Tulum. A Cenote is a sinkhole thats full of water.


Teddy found an old building which entertained him for longer than the Cenote’s but made for half the photo shoot.

Today we’ve rented a “car” that will take us to Playa Del Carmen to go to ‘Xel-Ha’. When we figure out what it really is we will let you know straight away.

Ciao for now!

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