Tulum Day 1

Do’s and dont’s.

Do: Rent a bike and explore the island.

  • If like Teddy you’ve recently discovered that you probably have a knee condition, riding a bike is great exercise for that singular condition.
    Also the town is a lot more spread out than you think and a bike really helps you fill your day up with that adventurous edge.

Don’t: Ride your bike home from the beaches after sundown –

  • No, not for that reason. You’ll definitely be fine, but there is a severe lack of street lights which makes for a thrilling use of your low battery phone flashlight; Which only just helps you dodge the curving path that leads from the main beaches to the town centre.

Do: Go for a boozy lunch on the Coba avenue road.

  • You will actually get the some of the most authentic & fresh ceviche you’ve ever had. Also, you’ll get staff that will smile as you try your hardest to butcher their language before letting you know that they speak English.

Don’t: Eat on Coba avenue beach strip every day if you plan on saving money.

  • Sure speaking to english staff has a certain familiar charm, but that aint where the best food is at. The Tulum city centre might be harder to bumble your way through in Spanish, but you will make it, I have faith. The food is next level and half the price. Let us say that again. Half the price. Remember that next time you pay 180 Peso’s for mezcal, chilli salt and grasshopper shots (Yes, grasshoppers).

So that’s it. The day has been full of food, drinks, sunshine & friends. We even randomly (Not that randomly cause social media told us they were here) bumped into some beautiful friends that we had a great day with! ❤


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